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You are Guaranteed to Catch a Fish at These Five Fishing Spots in Portugal

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Thinking about renting a boat in Portugal? Why not make it a fishing trip? Grab a house by the sea, rent a boat and enjoy what the Atlantic Ocean has to offer. In case we’ve convinced you, here … Read More

The Good Life on a Yacht Charter in Turkey

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There are many things that go through your head when deciding whether to holiday on a yacht charter. Will it get cramped? Will everyone get on? Will it be a success?   When my mother, my … Read More

Sailo Sunset Cruise Around New York City

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After my 2 month summer internship with Sailo in New York City, I decided to persuade as many friends as I could to come and visit me and what has always been my favorite city. One … Read More

Captain’s Corner: Introducing Captain Walter

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Sometimes it is the things we don’t think we will like that end up being the very things we love most in this life. This was the case for Captain Walter, who, as a young boy, … Read More

All Aboard with Captain Matt!

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“Sailing is an experience of complete relaxation and utter excitement.” So says Matt Codner, a captain and boat owner stationed in New York who kindly invited some of our Sailo team members to a boat tour … Read More

Top 5 Places to Live by the Sea in Miami

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Miami is a seaport city like no other in America. Known for its stunning beaches, sea culture and luxury lifestyle, Miami is one of the best cities in the world for marine lovers. We made a … Read More

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