6 Piña Colada Recipes To Take On Board This Piña Colada Day

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July 11th is the little-known but sweetest day of summer: National Piña Colada Day! This year, Sailo wants to help you celebrate this very important holiday to the fullest with six piña colada recipes to be thoroughly indulged at sea. Like wine and cheese, some pairings just make sense.  That’s why Sailo is introducing you to your new favorite: piña coladas on your dream boat. This Piña Colada Day, Sailo is hooking you up with piña colada recipes for every taste under the sun AND a boat to suit your every fancy out on the water.

Check out Sailo‘s Piña Colada Day pairings. Trust us when we say piña coladas taste better on board your dream boat!


classic-pina-coladaRecommended Boat Pairing: Classic Mako


gluten free-pina-colada Recommended Boat Pairing: Beneteau Sloop



strawberry-pina-coladaRecommended Boat Pairing: Red Cobia



skinny-pina-coladaRecommended Boat Pairing: PDQ Catamaran



raspberry-pina-coladaRecommended Boat Pairing: Pontoon Party Barge



float-pina-coladaRecommended Boat Pairing: Sundeck Sport Boat


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