You are Guaranteed to Catch a Fish at These Five Fishing Spots in Portugal

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Thinking about renting a boat in Portugal? Why not make it a fishing trip?  Grab a house by the sea, rent a boat and enjoy what the Atlantic Ocean has to offer. Portugal is a great place for ocean fishing, as well as fly fishing. While it might not have as many famous fly fishing spots as Ireland or be as well known for ocean fishing on the Caribbean yacht charters, it is still an excellent fishing destination. In case we’ve convinced you, here is our list of our favorite fishing spots in Portugal where you will be sure to catch something to glisten with lemon later:

  1. Peniche

This city lives and breathes fishing. It offers an amazing selection of fresh fish in the local market and in the restaurants. Sea bass and seabream are two of the most common fish found in this coast.

The close-by Berlengas Island, which has a Unesco biosphere reserve, offers nice scenery for diving and picnics with a view. Sergio’s boat is a great choice for a boat rental that includes fishing gear in Peniche.

  1. Azores

Known for its big game fishing, this Atlantic island offers a great variety of fish. It takes roughly one or two days to reach the Island by boat from continental Portugal and the trip often features the sight of dolphins and wales- A great trip for the adventurous sailor.

If you’re in search of warmer waters, you can also sail a bit further south to the Madeira Islands, where you’ll find big game, such as marlins and swordfish, as well as gorgeous natural scenery and a tropical weather.

  1. The Algarve

The south coast of Portugal offers more than just picture perfect beaches. Its coast is home to a wide variety of fishes, including the very typical sardine, who migrates south in the beginning of the summer after spending the winter fattening.

It can get pretty busy in the summer, but off-the-beaten track locations such as Sagres still offer great value for money and incredible fishing activity.

  1. Guadiana River

Stroll down to Mértola for one of the best river fishing spots in Portugal. A variety of eels, rutilus and Cyprinidae can be found in this river, which has hosted several national and international fishing competitions.

  1. Alqueva

Located in the south of Portugal, Alqueva is the largest artificial lake in Europe. Its waters are home to a variety of fish, including the Esox, the largemouth bass and several different types of carp.

It is also a great spot for watersports such as wakeboarding, due to the lack of wind and calm waters.

So there you have it. You now know all you need to know to enjoy a sailing vacation in Portugal. As a final note, please be advised that a license is needed for fishing in Portugal. These can be picked up in any ATM in the country.

About the Author: Pedro is an expert fisherman and native of Portugal.