Three of the most beautiful secluded beaches in Eastern Europe

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Spend your holiday discovering beautiful secluded beaches in the Balkans!

The Eastern Europe coast spreads from Croatia to Greece, merging the Adriatic, Mediterranean, Ionian and Aegean seas. The secret behind the Balkan’s rising success in tourism today is its simplicity, authenticity, and welcoming culture that will charm anyone who sets foot (or boat) there!

Galesnjak Island Beach – Croatia

Galesnjak, also known as Lovers’ Island is one of a kind because of its heart-shaped geography and unspoiled natural beauty. The island is only accessible by boat which makes it a perfect destination for a boat rentals in Zadar, Croatia, the nearest Sailo rental location.

The island is deserted, so perfect for romantic getaways. You can do a day trip or for the more courageous, try camping overnight on the island. For more ideas about what you can do on your Sailo boat from Zadar, make sure you check our destination guide Zadar, Croatia – Attractions by boat.

The Bay of Kotor – Montenegro

From its mountainous peaks to its green shores and turquoise water, the Bay of Kotor by boat rental is sublime. For holidays by the sea, you may want to consider this rather unknown location by a yacht charter in Montenegro.

The Bay area offers several secluded niche beaches where only locals know their whereabouts. However, with a Sailo rental, you can explore the Bay and find these paradise locations on your own. In addition, the City of Kotor offers a lovely city center where you can enjoy a vibrant nightlife with your friends and an exceptional view of the Bay from the Castle.

Navagio Beach – Zakynthos, Greece

Located in the northwest of the Island of Zakynthos, Navagio beach is probably one of the most famous beaches in Greece, with breathtaking landscape and shipwreck in the middle of the beach. To preserve the natural beauty of this beach, it is only accessible by boat. Check out near Zakynthos boat rentals and pick one to explore this exceptional location ! If you are the curious and adventurous type, you might want to swap your pair of Sperry Topsiders for hiking shoes and find the trail to the top of the cliff for its amazing view. Make sure you share your selfies and pictures with our hashtags #SailoSelfie #SailoBalkans.