The Art of the #SailoSelfie

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So what’s all the hype about “selfies”?

The “selfie” has become a preferred style of taking a photograph of oneself by oneself. Let’s be honest, it’s more like a barrage of photos at a time to ensure you get that perfect one (or few) to share on Instagram. Well, maybe more like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter AND SnapChat…you get the idea.

Selfies are about presenting yourself and your lifestyle in the “best” way. That’s why taking proper selfies is no trivial matter. There’s clearly an art to it and we’re here to tell you about what’s undoubtedly the best type of selfie: the #SailoSelfie.

Selfies require you to let your guard down a bit, be vulnerable and hopefully have a lot of fun. Sit back, relax and let us walk you through a brief history of the art form and how to up your selfie game. By the end of this lesson, you will graduate with a very legitimate foundation in #SailoSelfies and be ready to put it to use when you rent a boat charter.

A quick history lesson

Historians agree that the introduction of smartphones was the pivotal point in which selfies became universal in society. Gone were the days of lugging around a film or even small digital camera. Now, people conveniently toted cameras (with decent lenses) with them all the time.

With the widespread use of Facebook and an excess of other social networking apps, “hey, let’s take a photo to show our friends where we are on vacation” became shared almost like magic.

Group selfie

Still, the real climax came in 2010 when Steve Jobs and his brilliant thinkers decided to introduce a front-facing camera to their already widely popular iPhone. Thus, the iPhone 4 was birthed and the selfie took off like a speedboat docked in Miami escaping the harbor to catch the sunset and the last call for drinks at the margarita joint in the Florida Keys.

iphone 4 front facing camera

#SailoSelfie vs. Selfie – a specific art form

On May 19, 2014, the word “selfie” was officially added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

meriam webster selfie screen shot

Today, the #SailoSelfie has emerged as a specific form of selfie that is taken on a Sailo while seriously enjoying oneself for the day(s) or, if you’re extra lucky, week.

Whether taken on a party pontoon or luxury sailboat with a captain, the #SailoSelfie by definition is best known to generate a ridiculous amount of #FOMO [fear of missing out] from those not present.

The Best #SailoSelfies

First off, everyone looks his or her best on a boat–no ifs, ands or buts.

Just picture yourself on this gorgeous hunter green Hinckley (below) sailing along the Hudson River on a sunny spring  or summer day in New York. You’re obviously rocking your favorite pair of shades and the wind is strong and blowing your hair across your face as you tilt your head from side to side. A natural grin takes over your face as your smile expands from cheek to cheek. And then, 5, 4, 3,2, 1…snap! The moment on the classic 35 foot sailboat is forever captured.


Pointers to achieve the perfect #SailoSelfie:

1) Impressive location – This is easy because you’ll be at sea with the backdrop of the beautiful ocean or river. If you’re lucky, you might even see dolphins  (or swimming pigs in the Bahamas). You’ll also cruise past sandy beaches that are sure to impress. This screams FOMO.

2) Activities – Throw on your snorkel gear and snap a silly #SailoSelfie or show off your skills as you pose on a standup paddle board or kayak. Basically, rock your inner seafaring Sporty Spice.

selfie in water

3) Perfect boating outfit – Prance around in your favorite new bathing suit (and coordinating coverup). Don’t forget sunglasses and a hat. And, of course, boat shoes complete any nautical look.

boat shoes

4) High angle shots – GQ magazine says that holding the camera up high leads to the most attractive photos. That’s exactly why the “selfie stick” is handy. You can buy it for your smartphone or also for a GoPro camera. Well worth the investment.


Rent a boat at and start putting your #SailoSelfie education to use! Be sure to use the hashtag #SailoSelfie on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and we will broadcast it (if we feel it’s #SailoSelfie worthy which of course we will).

Can’t get enough? Neither can we! That’s why we are launching an Instagram account dedicated to this burgeoning art form. Click here to get in on the action!