Willy T’s: The Pirate Bar of the British Virgin Islands

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The Willy T’s is one of those “must stops” in the British Virgin Islands. There are plenty of beautiful sites to visit in the British Virgin Islands – check here Sailo’s November 2018 itinerary. Before going to the Willy T’s, you need to find your perfect boat for your sailing vacation. Our inventory in the British Virgin Islands includes a wide selection of powercats, sailing boats and yachts for both avid sailors and beginners to create the perfect vacation.


Currently located in Great Harbor of Peter Island, Willy T’s is a floating restaurant and shop. This is the third iteration of the Willy T: the first was open in 1989 and was a wooden Baltic Trader ship.  She was lost in 1995 when she had a leak. New owners found a 100 foot steel ship and quickly relaunched the bar and restaurant in 1996.

In 2017  British Virgin Islands were devastated by Hurricane Irma. The Willy T’s was victim to the storm and was lost. But by 2018 the pirate ship was back up and running for all the people visiting the amazing Caribbean archipelago on their sailing vacations.

The new ship has a similar layout to the previous model. No one that has been on the ship before will have any problem finding their way around!


If you are on your sailing vacation in the British Virgin Islands, plan to stop and catch a mooring ball in Great Harbor at Peter Island. From there, take a quick dingy ride to the ship. On this version of the Willy T’s, there is no dock for the dinghies like on the previous ship. Now, you must tie your dinghy to the side of the ship and “dinghy hop” to a ladder to climb aboard!


When you board the Willy T’s, you are first greeted by the seating area of the ship where you can enjoy a nice lunch of dinner. The restaurant serves a variety of food and to many of our guests, it was the favorite food of the week!


In the rear part of the ship you will find the bar where you can enjoy a Painkiller or other cocktails or beer of your choice. If you are feeling brave, you can find 3 other friends and do the Willy T’s ski shot, where four people can take a shot off of a ski.


Upstairs of the Willy T’s you can find more seating areas to eat or drink. From here you can also watch brave men and women jump off the ship for an extra rush! There will be a sign to not jump, but the staff turns an eye to anyone that jumps off.  


So the next time you are renting a yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands on your sailing vacation, make sure to make the Willy T’s  one of your highest priority stops! If you are interested in traveling with a group of great people, please make sure to check out our Sailo Flotilla happening in February: https://www.sailo.com/events/road-town/british-virgin-islands-flotilla/!