Captain’s Corner – Meet Captain Lance

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Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Captain Lance has now anchored himself 7,655 miles away from home. In Miami these days, he lives on boat owner Andrea’s 51-foot 2013 luxury Robertson and Caine Leopard power catamaran. But he feels right at home because of the combination of Andrea’s warmth, lots of awesome and eclectic guests, and the fact that he’s familiar with this class of magnificent boats that happen to be built in his hometown. Once a professional wakeboarder, Captain Lance is all about adventure and making sure his guests get the most out of their boat rentals.

Listen for yourself:

Lance, the captain of boat owner Andrea’s 51-foot power catamaran docked at Dinner Key Marina in Miami.

Q&A with Captain Lance

Nice accent! How do you like living in Miami?

Yes, you can tell?! I’m originally from South Africa. Miami is a very cool city, and it’s clean! I need to work on my Spanish a bit though. Everything here is linked to the water and the Intracoastal Waterway so we can cruise all the way on up to Fort Lauderdale. The boat sleeps six to eight people comfortably, and I happen to have the honor of calling it home.

Andrea inside

One part of the power catamaran’s interior space.

IMG_4160Left to Right: Grill-master Captain Lance and chef Holly preparing for guests to arrive.

How did you decide become a captain?

I started out on the water as a professional wakeboarder [yes, apparently that’s a thing], and I did waterskiing. I got into yachting by first taking guests out to do watersports. From there, I had the opportunity to start captaining. We like to have lots of fun on our power catamaran–we offer standup paddle, a kayak with a see through bottom and a tender for watersports.

This is what professional wakeboarding looks like:


What’s your favorite itinerary for people chartering the boat in Miami? 

If it’s a day charter, I like to start with an early morning in Elliott Key. It’s the biggest key north of Key Largo and also the northernmost of the Florida Keys. It’s a great spot for swimming and snorkeling. Elliott Key is also a nice place to anchor and have lunch. I like to finish with a sunset cruise through the city. It’s something you truly can’t miss, and it’s a chance for great photo opps [#SailoSelfies].

Andrea city partial

Cruising thru Miami.

Andrea table sunset

One area to relax and catch the sunset with a view of the city skyline.

Do you have any particularly memorable or most exciting experiences as a captain? 

When you work really long hours and really push your limits of stamina but end up in the most beautiful anchorages surrounded by wildlife, it’s an indescribable feeling–especially providing that memory for our guests. It’s something to really take in! When you get moments like these, when everything feels so good, it’s something to cherish. From where our boat is located, we are only about six minutes away from wildlife. We often see dolphins and turtles! They like to follow our boat, and everyone loves it.

Why do you like Sailo?

Sailo is great. They are a young and cool team, a breath of fresh air in the boating industry! We appreciate the guests they bring us through their seamless online platform. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. You can’t beat that.

To learn more or rent Andrea’s boat with Captain Lance, click here.

Captain Lance doing what he does best.


Left to Right: Captain Lance and boat owner Andrea.

It’s the perfect boat to rent for spring breakboat parties, corporate entertaining, and celebrating Easter and Passover with friends and family. Look out for a Sailo Spring Fever holiday free brunch promotion! All you have to do is rent a boat, show up and enjoy your day out on the water in Miami with Captain Lance!

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