Happiness is Renting a Boat

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The Sailo team would like to share with you this video taken during Cofounder Delphine‘s recent sail. What do you feel as you watch it?

So what makes you happy? Well, happiness varies from one person to the next but current research shows an emphasis on experiential over material purchases. Sailo agrees! Maybe we’re a bit biased here at Sailo (nah!) but being out on the water on a boat beats buying a new television or handbag–or really anything for that matter. Any day of the week.

Did you know there’s a whole field dedicated to studying happiness? It’s true! In a nutshell, a new paper co-authored by Thomas Gilovich shows that the anticipation of an experience—like renting a boat in sunny Florida—is more exhilarating and enjoyable than the anticipation of a material purchase, regardless of price.

This means that you feel positive benefits by just going through the process of renting a boat before even stepping onboard. For this reason, Sailo has worked hard to design an online boat rental marketplace that is a seamless experience. Within a few clicks, renters pick a location, boat, captain and voilà! Pretty neat, right?

The author suggests, “Overall wellbeing can be advanced by providing an infrastructure that affords experiences—such as parks, trails, beaches—as much as it does material consumption.”

In a sense, Sailo is a supplier of happiness. We provide the “infrastructure”—an awesome and growing fleet of over 150 boats at a range of price points and captains—to allow our renters to have custom, fun, and memorable experiences… all at their fingertips!

IMG_2781One of the marinas in Miami where Sailo has all types of boats for rent.

As our CEO and founder Adrian Gradinaru often says, Sailo is “freedom delivered.” To him, freedom is spending the day on a catamaran with a group of friends while enjoying a cold beer and listening to music.

Check out Sailoboats Spotify playlist!

sailo beer 1

The simple pleasures in life, like a cold beer at sea.

“Being on my boat out on the sea is nirvana,” says Captain Chuck. “I enjoy the peace and serenity of the motion of the boat, the soft sounds the water makes as the boat passes through it, the sound of the breeze and the beauty of the sails full of wind moving the boat along.” To him and our growing and happy Sailo community, there’s just nothing that can compare.

Check out his 45′ Hunter sailboat in Pompano Beach, Florida.

By now, you’ve figured out that the freedom to enjoy the boating lifestyle without the hassle and cost of buying an expensive boat is what makes the Sailo community happy! Really, really happy and we want to share this joy.

As we often like to say at Sailo, life on land is overrated! We hope to see your smiling faces out on the water some time soon and encourage you to find happiness here –> www.sailo.com.