You & Your Captain

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Hey there, Sailo folk! Some of you may be wondering why Sailo rentals must include a captain. That’s right- every boat rental on Sailo requires a licensed individual to keep things in check! Well, in this post we’ll give you the low down:

– Why have a captain?

– What does being a captain mean?

– Examples: the trained eye versus the laydude (lay man/dude/lady)

– How to choose your captain for a Sailo rental

Why have a captain?

Having a licensed captain aboard your boat assures the degree of proficiency and skill necessary for a rental to be as safe and as smooth as possible. As a renter, you decide how involved in the adventure you want to be. A captain can offer hands-on instruction, if so desired, or can handle everything on board so that you can kick back and relax, knowing all is taken care of. A captain’s seamanship, the art of being good with boats, and his local knowledge will make him or her a convenient guide, well-versed in the entire process from helping you choose the boat to making sure all is smooth sailing during and after your trip.

What does being a captain mean?

To become a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain, one must have spent at least 360 days on the water and must pass a stringent exam focused on everything from navigational aspects, to emergency procedures while out on the water, to knowing the standard rules and proper procedures for how to navigate without the use of technology.

The American Sailing Association is a worldwide leader in sailing and maritime education. ASA certified captains can be responsible for our six-pack rentals, boats carrying up to six people.

There are also many other certification bodies around the world, and Sailo accepts an array of qualified maritime experts to take responsibility for our customers and boats. If you are wondering about your accreditation, give us a holler at!

You vs. your captain: examples of how sometimes the untrained eye doesn’t see what the captain sees

Laydude: Sailboat, powerboat, who cares! I just want to hang out!

Captain: A sailboat will be a slower, smoother, and quieter ride. A powerboat will get you around faster, and be more of an action-packed ride. Most captains are versed in both and happy to take you out on any boat to provide you the experience that you want.

Laydude: Pretty day! So sunny! Breeze is starting to set in 😀

Captain: I’d better keep an eye on those cumulous clouds accumulating rising inshore. Sea breeze has already filled in.  Expect some showers later.

Laydude: Whoa, huge boat coming this way! Pretty cool.

Captain: That’s a 200 ton dry bulk container ship steaming at me at 12 knots going with the tide. Good thing I’m outside the channel. I’ll cross behind him after he passes.


How to choose your captain.

Look for eye patched and wooden pegs. Just kidding.

Match a captain with what you want to do and with the interests he or she has posted on his or her profile. Want to go fishing, find a captain that does too (The Big Tuna)? Wanna learn how to sail, look for a captain with good racing experience! Remember, you can always reach out to a captain for any questions you may have about an adventure you are trying to plan. Sailo also encourage renters, boat owners and captain to review each other so that it can be easier for users to get a feel for the experiences they are planning, and to create a trustworthy Sailo community! And in the end, you make the final decision about who you want to share that experience with.

So start browsing, start planning, and get out on the water!