Dockside with Boat Manager Will

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Born and raised in New York, Will now enjoys soaking up the Miami sun.  He has boat charters in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Delray Beach boat rentals, and Miami yacht charters, and he’s eager to make his luxurious boats accessible to everyone.

Looking to cruise around Biscayne Bay in a convertible? Will has a boat for that.  Looking to spend a week on a boat that would make Frank Lloyd Wright green with envy? Will has a boat for that. Looking to wind down after a day on the water in a jacuzzi on deck? Yep, Will even has a boat for that.

Here at Sailo, we love working with Will, but we wanted to share our affection for him with everyone else.  We sat down with him recently to ask him a few questions.

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How did you get into boating?

My background is a bit atypical for the boating industry! I was born in New York and went to business school at UCLA. After graduating, I took a job doing strategy for insurance claims. A few years later, I decided to move to Florida and became a franchisee for an organic popcorn company. Shortly after working on that startup, I joined the yacht brokerage industry and became passionate about the charter piece. I love seeing new people every day and making boating available to everyone.

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Our fleet outside of Miami is comprised of three yachts available for short-term charters from 4-8 hours: 

105 ft, Crescent, Fort Lauderdale 

70 ft, Johnson, Fort Lauderdale 

62 ft, Azimut, in Delray Beach

**Boats will pick up and drop off from Miami and several other locations!
rental-Motor-boat-ISA-120feet-Miami-FL_9ADRDvs   rental-Motor-boat-ISA-120feet-Miami-FL_9bNlH1Q

In Miami, we have three more great options, which are available for short-term and long-term charters:

57 ft, Predator, Miami Beach

65 ft, Princess, Miami

120 ft, ISA, Miami


What is your favorite memory on a boat?

We took a company trip to Turkey to visit a partner. It was a 160 ft brand new yacht, complete with a full crew and champagne — just an over the top experience. I love the fact that we provide similar experiences on our own yachts but at more accessible pricing that makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the lifestyle!

What do people like most about chartering with you?

Our crew puts together great itineraries and makes all our guests feel at home. We once had a family return from their two day charter as if it was the last day of summer camp. They just didn’t want it to be over! They actually wanted to hire the chef for Thanksgiving. 

In addition to an amazing crew, we do everything possible to make sure you have a memorable time. Want to hire a martial artist on the water before you go for a swim? We can arrange for that. Anything else? Simply ask us and we can make it happen!

rental-Motor-boat-ISA-120feet-Miami-FL_zGRS4xf   rental-Motor-boat-ISA-120feet-Miami-FL_ZV9ZVMH

What differentiates chartering a boat with you?

We have incredible yachts in the 50-75 ft range with the best crew around. Our captains will provide incredible itineraries for your trip. We always provide competitive pricing and have locations in Miami, FL, Fort Lauderdale, FL,  Delray, FL and boat rentals in Boca Raton, FL.

rental-Motor-boat-ISA-120feet-Miami-FL_QjHcrLl   rental-Motor-boat-ISA-120feet-Miami-FL_TyDUcvV


What’s it like working with Sailo?

I really enjoy working with everyone at Sailo. We are in constant communication, and I can always expect prompt responses and respect from them. Additionally, I love the user interface and design of Sailo, it is very easy to navigate.

Parting thoughts?

Get excited for some incredible packages that we will be putting together with Sailo — stay tuned!