Sailo’s Guide on How to Plan a Boat Party

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Thinking of something different to do this upcoming year? Why not host a party on a boat, and bring celebrations out on the water? We’ve created a step by step guide for you to easily do just that, within your budget and according to the type of experience you are looking for!

In case you haven’t been on or thrown a boat party bash before, we’ve got you covered! You could rent a party boat in New Jersey  or to book a party boat in Atlantic Highlands — just follow these easy steps and tips to organize a great time with family, friends, or coworkers on the water.


Determining your budget at the start of your planning will determine what kind of boat you will be on, how many guests to invite, what kind of catering or entertainment you can have, and the logistics of transportation.

Tip using Sailo: Sailo listings cover all types of boats for all budget classes, with price per day including fuel and captain included!

 Guest List

How many people will be on the guest list? This step is vital since it will affect the boat size and type of boat you will rent.

Tip using Sailo: Sailo’s boat listings contain the number of passengers that are allowed per boat.

Book in advance

If you plan ahead you will avoid unpleasant non-availability surprises, especially during the year’s holidays! Decide on your dates, check your boat’s availability and invite your guests!

Tip using Sailo: Sailo’s boats host their availability on their page! Check out a boat’s calendar to see if it coordinates with your party.


Perhaps the most important step to make this party successful and fun!  You can think of a theme (e.g. Pirate party, Texas Hold’Em Party, Disco Party etc.) or you can plan around the season- food, drink, and music can be arranged with boat owners and captain, since they know best!

Tip using Sailo: Some of our boat listings can include a DJ or catering in the rental. Look at the boat’s profile, and coordinate with your captain on the catering, drinks and music on Sailo’s messaging platform on

 Transportation & Safety

Once you decided all the rest, you just need to let your guests know how will they get to the boat and get back from the boat pickup/dropoff location. Again, coordinating with your captain may solve this quickly by making arrangements for the guests. In terms of safety, you don’t need to worry if you rent a Sailo boat since each boat must include life vests, first aid kits, and other safety measures to be on the site!
Last but not least, make sure you check off your list: sunscreen, ice (you’ll want it!), and plastic plates (try to avoid glass). No go off and plan the best boat bash!

You tailor your boat party, we take care of the rest.

Check out Sailo’s featured boats for three different party budgets below for more information!

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