Sailo’s Guide on How to Plan the Perfect Date on a Boat

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Dear Sailo Lovers,

The most romantic and sexy holiday of the year is a few weeks away and you probably already started thinking of how to impress your significant other! What are your plans for this Valentine’s day? Romantic dinner? Predictable and quite frankly…boring. Box of chocolates and flowers? Cliche. Well, how about a romantic getaway on a boat? Admit it, it’s unique and you’re going to remember it for years. You’ll go from zero to hero with your loved one!


Here is a quick guide to help you plan it:

Step 1: Budget

You first have to decide on the budget you’re willing to spend since it will determine the kind of boat you will rent. Sailo has boats of all shapes and sizes, so everyone can plan a magical time.

Entry Level:  You can have the perfect date on this romantic motor boat in Miami, which you can rent even for 2 hours. Picture this: you take your date on a cocktail tour on the water and ask your captain to drop you off at one of our favorite waterfront restaurants for  your Valentine’s dinner. Seriously, your date will undoubtedly adore you!

Mid-range: This beautiful catamaran is ideal for a magical cruise. You can plan a sunset drink, dinner on the water, or a whole day coastal cruise around Miami and Key Biscayne. Tempted?

High-end: You should definitely get on this luxurious power catamaran to enjoy laid-back luxury and peaceful cruising.

 Step 2: Hour of the day

Once you chose your ideal boat, it’s time to decide on what hour of the day you want your date to be so you book your boat for either couple of hours, half a day or the entire day. For the more romantic ones, we suggest you make sure to get the sunset. Tip: the sun sets at 5:58 pm on February 14th.

Step 3: Atmosphere

You know your significant other better than anyone, but here are some tips: think of what music would mesmerize them, what kind of wine, and what type of flowers. Is he or she the Barry White, Cabernet Sauvignon type? Your call, surprise them!

And for the ones who don’t have a date, don’t worry! You can always throw a party on a boat with your awesome friends: here’s your guide How to Plan a Boat Party

Whether you choose to spend this Valentine’s day with your other half in a romantic setting or with a bunch of friends partying, we’ve got you covered. From luxury yachts to fishing boats, sailboats and party pontoons, no matter your budget or what activities you’d like to do, we can help you make this date on the water unforgettable!

And guess what: If you book your love (or party) boat by February 12th you will enter a drawing to win a Sailo Love Basket with wine and surprises!

We wish you a Sexy and Happy Valentine’s day, make it count!

With love,
The Sailo Team