Your Step by Step Guide to the Best Memorial Day Weekend Ever

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1. First, figure out where you’re headed. Miami? NYC? Options!

NYC - MIA mdw email

2. Then, get your crew together. Pick your closest friends (or family) that you just know you have to spend MDW with.

group of happy young people dancing and spraying at the beach on beautiful summer sunset

3. Or, bring your pup too! Almost all of our boats allow pets.

dog sailor mdw blog pic 3

4. Next, find your perfect boat. There are tons of cool boats to choose from on Sailo for every budget and purpose. Want something sporty to sail? You got it. Want to drive a powerboat? Here they are. Or how about just a straight up party boat? We’ve got lots of those too.

party boat mdw blog pic 4

Rent this 55-foot luxury sailboat docked in Miami.

5. Don’t know how to sail or can’t decide where to go? That’s okay, this is why Sailo has captains and custom-tailored itineraries.

captain lance mdw blog pic 5

6. As your MDW celebration draws closer, remember to prepare all the party essentials! We’re talking boat-friendly single serve alcohol, music (most of our boats have stereo plugins) and plenty of sunscreen!

mdw beers blog pic 5

7. Food is crucial. Stock up on snacks or bring your own meals! We recommend light, fresh fare (like fruits and sandwiches!) for a day out at sea. Our bigger boats are equipped with stovetops and refrigerators though so you can whip up anything you desire!

mdw blog pic 6 food

8. Don’t forget the perfect sailing outfit.

boat clothes guy mdw blog

9. Annnd, you’re good to go! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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