6 Fishing Hacks Sure To Impress Dad This Father’s Day

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While dad may seem to know something about everything, this Father’s Day, it’s your turn to teach him a thing or two. Out wetting a line is the perfect opportunity to show him you’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve.

1. Fix fishy hands with mouthwash

Sailo Fishing Hacks Father Son Catch Fish

We understand the smell of fresh fish on your hands means only one thing, a triumphant day of fishing! BUT, we also know that while the smell might remind you and dad of success on the water, it may not be a scent you’re interested in wearing post Father’s Day fish-off. When preparing for Father’s Day Sailo-style, bring a travel-size mouthwash on your adventure. Pour two tablespoons in the palm of your hand and rub vigorously. This should do the trick: leave the stink behind but take the memories home.

2. Use hair ties as rod ties

Sailo Fishing Hacks Reel Ties

Ladies, this Father’s Day prove to dad that daughters are the best fishing companions. On your Father’s Day fishing boat trip, take along a few extra hair ties, it’s time to let dad know those pesky rubber bands you would leave around the house are good for more than an updo. Use hair ties or scrunchies as an organizational tool to keep two-piece rods from getting bent and tangled. It even works on saltwater fly rods! Just promise not to get mad at dad if a few go missing around the house…

3. Garbage bags make great emergency seat covers

Sailo Fishing Hacks Father Daughter Rain Seat Covers

Rain or shine, the fish will be biting. Show dad that a little rain can’t slow you down. While you can be in control of the boat you choose, you cannot control the weather. Come to your fishing excursion prepared with a few garbage bags to use as seat covers for rain. Dad will be happy you were thinking ahead when he’s able to enjoy a dry seat on his triumphant trip back to shore.

4. Follow animals to fish

Sailo Fishing Hacks Father's Day Tricks Nature Guide

Follow the birds and dolphins; these animals will lead you to the fishing jackpot. Often times, birds hover over small baitfish while dolphins swim in schools with larger fish like tuna. Many of the boats rentals on Sailo come equipped with live wells and an icebox to ensure the fish you catch stay fresh until you make your way back to land. Explain to dad that the best way to fill that icebox is to follow your animal guides!

5. No spilled reels with hot water

Sailo Fishing Hacks Father's Day Line Tangles

New line on your reel often spills because it hasn’t formed memory on the spool yet. To fix this problem, run newly spooled line under some hot water for about a minute and watch it bend to conformity. Ta-da! No more tangles and twists.

6. Opt for a knowledgeable captain!

Sailo Fishing Hacks Father's Day Fishing Captain

Did you know “failed” fishing adventures are often due to lack of awareness of an area as opposed to skill level? When renting a boat with Sailo, you will have a reliable boat and can also choose to have a knowledgeable captain.

Check us out in New York City, the Hamptons, Miami, and San Diego. Have a great Father’s Day out on the water!